Oct 12

Mark Lycett’s French Trip

Mark Lycett is just back from France on a well earned break from rolling bait and has got in amongst the fish on a hard 100acre lake whilst trying a new variant on Fenspice. Rumour has it the fish only come out on maize in this particular water.

5 fish in total : 20pounder, 35lb 4oz, 43lb 8oz, 51lb 4oz and 54lb 8oz. As you can see below, these are stunning fish regardless of weight.

FranceOct2014025_zps0f1d5012 FranceOct2014029_zps5a3d7c0c FranceOct2014050_zps0f418b1b FranceOct2014071_zpsec8f4737

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