May 17

Catch reports

A few nice fish are being caught on our baits. Just a few off the top of my head are a common from France that bottomed out 60lb scales that had been wound back 8lb, Kyle Stainton banking his target fish amongst others from his Cambridgeshire water, Dusty has had a few upper 20’s from his Lincolnshire water, Daz Oultram had caught a number of carp to mid 30s from his no publicity water, The butcher reports a good week in France with fish to 52lb, Tom Craven has caught 4 35+ mirrors from his Essex water and Kev Stokes reports a great week in France plenty of carp to 50+. All of these fish were caught on either Fenspice, DP1 or Red Baron. All proven carp catchers. Why risk anything else???

Kyle 22P1030036P1030039P1030043P1030048 Kev1Kev2Kev3Kev4Kev5