Feb 14


Just a quick update for the coming year.

A site upgrade is ready, I will be uploading it over the next few days. A few new products that will be available are airball type pop ups in 15 and 12mm for Fenspice in both original and Peach and Pepper. These will be available in yellow and orange as well. Orange is a bit different!! 15mm airball type pop ups will be available for DP1 and Ultra Nut Mix as well. After 3 years testing Fenspice pellets will be available this year. They are 6mm ideal for spodding it pva bag use. Results here and in France have been superb.

I will be supplying 2 French fisheries this year. The first is http://legendsattremblaye.com/
Tremblaye is located near the town of Le Pin. The bait I have supplied is a combination of my base mixes with two essential oils as the attractor along with a new liquid food. The bait is available on site in 16 and 18mm plus hard hookbaits, pop ups and glugs.

The second lake is http://angellakes.co.uk/
Angel lakes is situated just south of Limoges and is a well established French carp fishery. If you want peace and quiet and a great bailiff (Dennis) to look after you then this is the spot as its well off the beaten track. Normally owner Paul Ward supplys Original Fenspice or Red Baron but this year he has chosen Fenspice with a shellfish attractor that I have been developing. The bait will produce well over there.

If you are visiting either lake then give the baits a try. You wont be disappointed!!

More updates shortly and good luck for the coming year.