Aug 14


A few updates for you. This year I am supplying bait to the fantastic Lac Serreire and Badgers Holt fishery at Coussac Bonneval near Limoges in France. Lac Serreire is home to many very big carp inclusing the Belgian and the Grey Lady recently caught by top Norfolk angler Keith Williams at 81lb plus. Badgers Holt is an incredible fishery, 2.7 acres and full of very big hard to catch carp topped by Jo Jo at around 80lb.

The bait that I will be supplying is a customised version of my Fenspice to be known as Lac Serreire Fenspice. It is only available at the fishery so dont ask for it!! Also supplied are white pop ups in 12 and 15mm, cork granule pop ups, hard hookbaits, salt cured hookbaits in 15mm and glugs.


I am also supplying Birch Pool Retreat and Forest Pool Retreat which are just south of Limoges. Both are small secluded lakes with big carp that are controlled by owner Nikki Morgan. Forest Pool is a runs water with Birch Pool a lot more tricky. Both have carp to 60lbs.


The bait I am supplying is Ultra Nut Mix with white pop ups, cork granule pop ups, hard hookbaits and matching glug.

We are just into the second week at all three fisheries. Lac Serreire has seen a lot of carp (33 last week) caught over Fenspice with Fenspice salt cured hookbaits which are working really well. The biggest one so far being 77lb. Owner Simon Mansbridge fished cover the winter using Fenspice and banked 60 carp from both Lac Serriere and Badgers Holt. It was a very cold winter in the region but as normal Fenspice produced the goods. Who said fishmeal baits dont work in the winter? They do if the recipe is constructed correctly. Birch Pool has so far produced carp to 47lb.

I will shortly be adding Fenspice Pellets, 12mm white Fenspice pop ups and salt cured Fenspice hookbaits to the range. These products have been thoroughly tested over the past two years. The salt cured hookbaits proved very tricky to get right, I know some of you have tried salt curing yourselves and have found it difficult. The correct salt is needed plus timing is critical. I have it bang on now. The pellets, well the carp just cant get enough of them.



These are the only ways to order bait from me.

1, Through my website.

2, Over the phone where I can take a card payment.

3 Bank transfer. I can give you my details if you request them.

4, You can ask for me to send you a Paypal payment request.

All bait is rolled fresh to your requirements. It is rolled here by me on my premises not by a sub contractor which is very common in the bait industry today. I buy all of the ingredients myself, a small team of top class anglers help me to test bait and bait products so I have 100% quality control. I am an old school bait maker and believe in making baits that are good for the carp. Please dont leave ordering to the last minute. I dont hold any stock, all is rolled fresh and because my baits catch a lot of carp I am very, very busy. This should give you confidence in buying from me.

Orders are delivered by DPD Local. You will get a text around 4-5pm when your order is collected by the driver then a text the next morning around 7.30am giving you a 1 hour delivery slot. DPD LOcal are very reliable thats why I use them.

More updates as the season progresses.

Tight lines all.

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