Aug 14


Apologies for not updating the blog!!

A great year again for anglers who use my baits both in the UK and on the continent. Fenspice is as consistant as ever producing lots of big and hard to catch carp.

As I sais earlier I am now supplying the awesome Lac Serreire fishery down hear Limoges in France with their own version of Fenspice. The catch rates since the bait started to be introduces in March have been excellent on both Lac Serreire and Badgers Holt. Badgers is certainly a very tricky water, get your approach wrong and you will struggle to catch. The carp in Badgers certainly love Lac Serreire Fenspice so if you have a trip booked then I would certainly be using it on there. Remember if you require small baits, barrels etc for your trip then contact Simon Mansbridge and he will sort it out for you.

I will do a full report on the seasons captures at the Lac Serreire fishery at the end of the year. For weekly reports check out the Facebook page or the Facebook feeds on the Lac Serreire website and my website.


I am once again supplying Angel Lakes which are again located down near Limoges. Owner Paul Ward has taken his first delivery down to the lakes last week so it is available to anglers who fish the lakes. Paul has chosen to supply Fenspice, a good choice!! Once again I will do a report at the end of the year.


I thought I would mention hookbaits, especially their use in France where Poisson Chats and Crayfish can be a problem. Apart from Fenspice white pop ups I only supply hookbaits that match my boilies. All of my baits are HNV baits I do not use or supply fluro type baits at all. My hard hookbaits are a combination of the base mix that the boilies are made of with the addition of egg albumin to harden them plus elevated levels of certain attractors. For example in DP1 there would be higher levels of Brococell and liver powder. In Fenspice higher levels of GLM, liver powder and pre digested fishmeal. Once dried the hookbaits are then treated with a liquid to futher increase attraction. Most fluro type hookbaits are a pop up mix that relies on a flavour to do the attracting. My baits attract through the make up of the base mix which gives off underwater food signals. Search chemoreception. My baits are designed to catch carp forever, not for the next 3 months!! Another important fact about hookbaits. I have noticed anglers having big problems with Poisson Chats and Crayfish. The problems are so bad that by the monday of a 7 day trip they have given up and are planning on going home. The key here is to plan your trip. The best thing to do is take advice from your bait maker and the problem is easily solved. Looking at a guy the other week he had various baits with him, probably 4 different types of boilie plus loads of different pop ups. This approach just creates confusion, I advise one boilie and hard hookbaits and pop ups to match. The angler concerned had no hard hookbaits and no big hookbaits. To combat chats and crayfish you need 20mm hard hookbaits that are wrapped in shrink wrap, these can then be fished snowman style or a double or treble 20mm hookbait on a long hair. This easily combats the problem. Instead of watching the latest ‘sales type’ DVD from well known tackle firms talk to your bait maker or the lake owner. Go prepared and you wont have your week spoiled. Also remember a French trip is a 7 day session. Give up on monday because you are blanking will result in failiure. If the carp find a chink in your armour they will exploit it fully.


If you are a long term user of my baits then you may remember Multimeat from around 10 years ago. I will be adding it to my range again next year. More details to follow later in the year.


Good luck for the rest of the year. Autumn is approaching again, one of the best times of the year. It seems to come around even quicker as the years pass!!