Apr 27


With the new season now underway I am getting a lot of calls about baits for fishing in France. Here are a few pointers to help you choose.

The two baits that I would choose from my range for fishing in France are Red Baron or Fenspice. These baits are proven instant fish catchers and have been catching carp on the continent for at least 25 years. They are both fishmeal boilies, fishmeal based baits work very well during the warm months and work better if heavy baiting is carried out. That is certainly not a sales pitch it is a proven fact. The fishmeal content of both baits is 45% which makes them true HNV fishmeal boilies. They differ by Fenspice containing a few more products which makes it more nutritional. Red Baron is what I would call an old school fishmeal boilie while Fenspice is brought up to date with products that were not available back in the 90’s. Both baits work very well in France so choose either with confidence.

As you know for personal reasons and I don’t know how to make preserved ‘shelf life’ baits both Fenspice and Red Baron are freezer baits. If you have access to a freezer at your venue then I normally supply the bait the day before you depart. If you do not have freezer access then I recommend adding salt or simply air dry the baits. The way I recommend salt drying as I call it is to take a good sized bucket and add a centimetre of sea salt to the bottom of the bucket. Add 2 or 3 kilos of boilies to the salt then shake the bucket. Then add another 2 kilos with more salt over the top and shake again. The baits will take a salt coating on them which will be slowly absorbed into the baits. This will preserve them as well as adding attraction. Or you can just put the boilies in a bucket and keep turning them. I personally just pour baits from one bucket to another 3 or 4 times a day. This may seen like a lot of messing around but in reality its easy. The hardest part is going to Morrisons to buy the sea salt!!! I never use air dry sacks as the middle baits can go off. As I say I never use or produce shelf life baits for personal reasons.
So if you are looking to use my baits in France then certainly look at Fenspice or Red Baron. I use Fenspice peach and pepper all the time. My personal favourite!!

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