Jan 28

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website, we hope you enjoy browsing through our great range of baits and bait related products.

This year we have started to introduce a few ingredients into our product range. We will be adding more as time passes. At the moment we have a few ingredients out on test, if they come up to scratch we will add them to the current range. Having spoken to a few people involved in the trade along with our own findings we suspect there is an increasing number of anglers starting to roll their own baits, good luck to you if you are because there is nothing more satisfying than catching on your own bait. If you need any help with this then give us a call or fire us an email off. If you are looking to buy ingredients, additives, liquids, flavours etc then you will find none any better than ours plus everything has had a damn good testing so we can prove they work!!

We have no new freezer baits being released this year. As normal we have a few improvements on what we already have. Fenspice now includes our new Pepperspice additive which we have been playing with over the past few years. We have decided to add my personal favourite Fenspice Peach and Pepper to the Fenspice range. In early testing back in 2007 Fenspice was tried with this Peach and Pepper combination and it worked like magic!! In later years we tried our spice blend which was just as successful, in fact I personally have caught using Fenspice with a variety of flavours, I have even used it with no flavours and caught well which is the true test of a bait. Anyway this year you can buy either Fenspice with Peach and Pepper or Fenspice as it normally is with the spice blend.

Another of our baits which is proving very successful since its release last year is DP1. Over the past 12 months it has had an uncanny knack of producing a lot of commons. Looking back over the years I can remember catching a lot of commons on baits containing yeast type products and seeing how DP1 contains two powdered yeasts and a liquid yeast this could be the reason. It also contains n butyric acid, to me a much underrated fish catcher and low level pineapple flavour. So if your water contains a lot of commons it may be worth you giving DP1 a try.

More blogs to come!!

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