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Our baits.

Here is some information about our boilie range just to help you out a little. These are answers to questions that I get asked a lot.

Firstly all of our baits are designed by us, tested by us and rolled by us on our premises. No one else is involved in the design of our baits either and we certainly do not buy ready rolled boilie’s and sell them on or buy anyone elses base mix to roll. I know this is common in the industry but not here. In fact with the exception of the FeedStimulants products that we supply all of our ingredients, liquids and flavours are obtained from outside of the bait industry. Buying this way ensures that we know the life span of an ingredient as it has a use by date and we get spec sheets detailing the nutritional breakdown of the product. Buying this way ensures that we get fresh products every time.

We have alway’s listed on our website the ingredients that each bait contains. When you buy from us you can be 100% sure of what ingredients your chosen bait contains. I often see other companies baits described as ‘a proven base mix with added attractor’s’ or something along those lines. No information is given about the baits make up at all. Now if you take your fishing seriously then I think you should know what you are buying. I also see anglers buying bait because of the cost. If boilie 1 is £60 for 10 kilos and boilie 2 is £70 for 10 kilos they go with boilie 1 purly on a cost basis without knowing anything about the bait. In my mind that is bad angling, find the makeup of the bait before committing your hard earned cash. In my mind bait is the most important part of angling. Most say location is the key, with a good bait you can create your own feeding spots if you introduce it on a regular basis on the same spots.

All of our baits are freezer baits. They are rolled fresh for you to whatever size and shape that you require. So your bait is not stored in a cold room or freezer and either sent out frozen or thawed out and sent to you, it is rolled fresh to your requirements. That is the way it will always be done. And we don’t sub contract rolling out either. Quite why others do this is a mystery to me as quality control is out of the window. We have 100% quality control over all of our buying and production. If you are buying a bait from a company who is subcontracting its rolling out to another company and its still £5 to £6 a kilo then you should be asking questions about its make up. Remember the more fingers in the pie the less the profit for each party. The way we operate is we buy the ingredients, blend them into a base mix, roll it and send it to you. There is no middleman. This way we can have a high quality bait. If we subcontracted our rolling out our baits would be £10 per kilo, quality control would be lost and I would not be happy!! Take care when you buy your bait, as I said your cash is hard earned so think about it.

We have two aims here with our baits. Firstly that it is beneficial for the fish, that is paramount for us and secondly it increases your catch rate. We all love them big scaly mirrors and golden commons so why not give them something back in the form of good food for them? All of our freezer baits are a brilliant nutritional food source for fish, something we are very proud of.


We get asked questions about shelf life baits. All of our baits are freezer baits. We see no place for preservatives in carp baits. The only preserved baits that we use are our Fenspice Fluro pop ups. Here the carp is not actually eating the bait as they are hookbaits. Personally I do not like the idea of carp ingesting preservatives, they are not nice in human foods and I can see them being blamed for human health problems as time passes. We all know fresh food tastes better, home produced veg and meat from your local butcher tastes far better than mass produced preserved food. Its the same with bait in my mind. So when you order from us it is freshly rolled for you to freeze on its arrival. It will air dry perfectly if you are on a long session just put it in a bucket or another air drying vessel, keep jumbling it around and it will be fine.

Baits for that French trip. Any of our baits will work in France. If you want advice though we would recommend Red Baron. This will work instantly on ANY French water, it will air dry well if you dont have freezer access and it will compete with ‘bait teams’ on waters as well. Having said that not everyone takes my advice!! A lot of anglers are now taking Fenspice to France and are taking waters apart with it!! Three examples of  waters where it has worked very well are Rainbow Lake, Goncourt Great Lake and Serriere. There are plenty of other lakes I could name as well. Also last year anglers started taking our new DP1 to France. DP1 is probably a bit different to the baits that are normally used over there being yeast based but it has certainly worked well. DP1 has a strange knack of catching a lot of commons, France is no exception, a lot of commons being reported in 2014.

Custom Bait. If you have any products that you would like adding to your bait then feel free to ask. That could be a flavour, liquid, ingredient or you could even have a custom made base mix. If you require this service then it will be completly confidential on our part. We do get nosy anglers asking what their mates are using!! They dont get an answer!!

If you need any more information on our bait range please feel free to ask. We dont big our baits up or claim they are better than anyone else’s. We are happy providing nutritional baits that are good for the carp at a reasonable price to you. Hopefully we can increase your catch rate, we can provide the baits that will do that, the rest is up to you!!


All the best for the 2015 season.

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