Feb 25

Up to date!!

Apologies for not keeping this blog up to date!! Always too busy!! This year more will be added so keep you eyes on this page.

Jun 07

Recent captures

Here are a few pics of recent captures. Most of them are on Fenspice.

Wolfy 8Wolfy 7Tom 40Tom 35Dustys mate 1Dustys mate

May 17


Due to the increase in the amount of bait that we are now producing we have been able to reduce the cost of our flagship bait the awesome FENSPICE. Prices have been updated on our webshop so do yourself a favour and give this bait a try.

Check out our webshop for full prices and details.


May 17

Catch reports

A few nice fish are being caught on our baits. Just a few off the top of my head are a common from France that bottomed out 60lb scales that had been wound back 8lb, Kyle Stainton banking his target fish amongst others from his Cambridgeshire water, Dusty has had a few upper 20’s from his Lincolnshire water, Daz Oultram had caught a number of carp to mid 30s from his no publicity water, The butcher reports a good week in France with fish to 52lb, Tom Craven has caught 4 35+ mirrors from his Essex water and Kev Stokes reports a great week in France plenty of carp to 50+. All of these fish were caught on either Fenspice, DP1 or Red Baron. All proven carp catchers. Why risk anything else???

Kyle 22P1030036P1030039P1030043P1030048 Kev1Kev2Kev3Kev4Kev5

Apr 18

Catch report 18-4-15

A few nice fish are coming out on both versions of Fenspice. We know there are more but the secret squirrels are not telling us!!


Keep your catch reports and pics coming please.

BristolRob1BristolRob2BristolRob3BristolRob4Geoff 1Geoff2Geoff3Geoff4Geoff5Geoff6Geoff7

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